Transform your internal floors with Mastershield Polymer Flooring.

This innovative and hardwearing compound can be used to take tired and worn-out concrete floors from plain to amazing.

Ideal for both domestic and commercial use, Mastershield Polymer Flooring is an epoxy water-based substance that can be sprayed on to replicate the appearance of everything from timber to marble.

• Seamless surface
• Range of colours and styles
• Ideal for high traffic areas
• Suitable for residential and commercial properties
• Resistant to water, chemicals and oils
• Anti-slip
• Durable
• Cost effective

Mastershield Polymer Flooring is extremely flexible and combines the strength of concrete with the style and appearance of other, more attractive flooring options.

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Let the professionals at Repave transform your outdoor flooring with stencil patterned concrete.

Combining the strength of concrete with the aesthetic appeal of brick and other traditional paving options, this innovative spray-on technique is ideal for use on driveways and footpaths.

This highly customisable technique allows home and business owners to set their property apart by creating monograms and unique designs.

• Increase strength of concrete by 4x
• Wide selection of colours and patterns
• Suitable for Australian climate
• Cost-effective
• Anti-slip
• CT Stampcrete and DT Fauxtex Range available
• For commercial and residential use

An excellent alternative to concrete, our stencilled spray-on technique will add style and value to your property.

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Looking for something that is Cool under foot in extreme heat? Want the appearance of limestone but the economy of concrete?

Then choose liquid limestone.

• Cool under foot in extreme heat
• Maintenance-free look
• Durable and long-lasting
• Available in a range of colours
• Capable of supporting heavy vehicles
• Add value to your property
• Aesthetically appealing
• Does not subside

Liquid limestone is ideal for use on driveways, pool surrounds, floors, verandas and patio areas.

Liquid limestone is a suitable paving option for both residential and commercial customers.

The consistency of liquid limestone means it can be used to cover difficult to reach areas without the need for shaping.

This hugely versatile paving option has many advantages over alternative paving solutions.

• Cool under foot
• Modern appearance
• Customisable

The durability offered by liquid limestone means it is particularly well suited to high traffic areas of your home or business.

The team at Repave has over 30 years of experience in laying liquid limestone and was one of the first to lay this advanced product in Western Australia.

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Concrete for paths, driveways, patios and all outdoor areas is no longer just a cost effective alternative to paving. The popularity of Exposed Aggregate Concrete has increased significantly in recent years as home owners and businesses seek a modern stylish finish to their outdoor areas which is achieved by the natural appeal of the exposed stone aggregate.

Why Exposed Aggregate Concrete
• Wide range of colours and aggregates to suit any home or business style.
• Durable and cost effective
• Excellent option for high traffic areas
• Robust and low maintenance
• Non slip

Exposed concrete is an excellent option if ants and weeds are a problem. Unlike bricks and slabs, exposed concrete is one large solid area which weeds cannot penetrate.

The appearance of exposed aggregate concrete is achieved by spraying off the top layer of concrete to expose the colourful rocks beneath.

Why Choose Repave
• Over 30 years concreting experience with both Domestic and Commercial clients
• Comply to Australian Standards
• Affordable
• Same-day competitive quote
• Housing Industry Association (HIA) members
• No job too big or too small

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Want to set your home or business apart from the rest? Then consider polished concrete flooring.

Polished concrete is an extremely durable flooring option that is ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings.

This type of flooring combines the robust qualities of concrete with the appearance of natural stone.

Polished concrete offers many benefits as a flooring option.

• Non-slip
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Add value to your home
• Easy to clean with mop or damp cloth
• Low maintenance
• Ideal for those with asthma and allergies
• Available in a wide range of styles and finishes
• Aesthetically pleasing

Polished concrete floors are highly light reflective, making it the perfect option for those wanting to create a greater sense of space.

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